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What CORE services are you interested in?

EMIS Core ServicesEMIS Extended SupportFiscal ServiceseFinancePLUSUSAS/USPSStudent Information ServicesInfinite Campus SISInfinite Campus Premium ProductsPowerschool SISPowerschool Extended ServiceProgressBook SISProgressBook Suite Add-On ProductsLibrary Services & INFOhioIEP Anywhere SupportOther ServicesNone At This Time

What Co-Op Purchasing Solutions services are you interested in?

(META CO-OP) - Audio Visual(META CO-OP) - Automated External Defibrillator(META CO-OP) - Bakery(META CO-OP) - Classroom & Office Supplies(META CO-OP) - Copier Paper(META CO-OP) - Custodial Supplies(META CO-OP) - Dairy(META CO-OP) - Electric(META CO-OP) - Employees Benefits(META CO-OP) - Energy & Building Projects(META CO-OP) - Food(META CO-OP) - HVAC Filter Program(META CO-OP) - Ice Cream(META CO-OP) - Kitchen Equipment(META CO-OP) - LED Programs(META CO-OP) - Library(META CO-OP) - Natural Gas(META CO-OP) - School Buses(META CO-OP) - Savings Funded LED Program(META CO-OP) - Transportation Supplies and Bus Cameras(AEPA) - Administrative Software(AEPA) - Athletic & Recreational Lighting(AEPA) - Athletic Field Turf(AEPA) - Class, School and Instructional Supplies(AEPA) - Copiers(AEPA) - Custodial, Restroom, Break Room & Safety Supply(AEPA) - Furniture(AEPA) - Hardwood & Synthetic Flooring(AEPA) - Industrial Arts & Career Tech Supply(AEPA) - LED Lighting(AEPA) - Mobile Learning Solutions(AEPA) - Office Supplies(AEPA) - Roofing & Building Envelope(AEPA) - Scoreboard & Marquee Signage(AEPA) - Sports Equipment(AEPA) - Technology(AEPA) - Track & Court Surfaces(AEPA) - Walkthrough Metal DetectorsNone At This Time

What Technology Solutions are you interested in?

Network MonitoringNetwork as a Service (NaaS)On-Site Technician ServicesVoIPServer HostingWireless AP HostingCISCO Network Academy SupportE-Rate Service ProviderDocument Management & ImagingNone At This Time

What Other Services are you interested in?

Microsoft Excel Training ClassesUtility AuditingNone At This Time

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