Infinite Campus Premium Products – More Information

Infinite Campus Premium Products work seamlessly with Infinite Campus SIS so you can eliminate third-party systems.

Food Services
Campus Food Service streamlines cafeteria operations for establishing individual or family food service accounts, tracking food purchases and designing flexible menu layouts. Campus Food Service improves the efficiency of all food service employees through three easy-to-use point-of-sale options and simplifies state reporting.

Messenger with Voice
Campus Messenger simplifies communications to staff, students and parents through an easy-to-use web interface. Districts can deliver regular, content-rich communications via email, phone or text messaging. In addition, Campus Messenger with Voice, powered by ShoutPoint VOIP service, allows districts to use system data to immediately distribute a large volume of calls including emergency notifications.

Online Payments
Campus Online Payments is a reliable and secure electronic payment processing solution for both food service and fee transactions. Eliminate cash handling, reduce lost checks, improve cash flow, create office efficiency and enhance internal controls by using this product.


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