Infinite Campus Services & Premium Products

Core Services

Infinite Campus Core Services includes:

Academic Planner

Ad Hoc Reporting



Federal Reporting


Grade Book


LMS Tools

Mobile Apps for Students & Parents


Special Education

State Reporting

Text & Email Messaging

& More!

Premium Products

For a small yearly fee you can also add any of the following services which integrate seamlessly into Infinite Campus:

Campus Analytics Suite
A dropout prevention tool that identifies students at risk of not graduating.

Campus Data Suite
Improve data quality, visibility and integrity for your district.

Campus Learning Suite
Connect teachers to new, powerful tools for digital learning.

Campus Payments
Reliable and secure payment processing.

Campus Passport
Online Training subscription for on-demand learning.

Campus Workflow Suite
Modernize attendance, digitize hall passes, and improve operational efficiencies.

Food Service
Streamlined cafeteria and POS options.

Messenger with Voice
Phone Communication to staff, students and parents.

Report Translation Module
Support multiple languages when building report cards and grading tasks, standard and courses.

Online Registration
New Student and existing student registration app.

Staff Evaluations
Tools for staff performance.