Utility Auditing

Utility auditing and energy reporting provides districts with the assurance that their utility bills are correct, rates are favorable, and that there are no building inefficiencies. As part of this program, META creates a historical database of consumption and cost for electric, natural gas and water. We then search for errors and overcharges.

With 23 years of experience, our Energy Department has a proven procedure for verifying the billing accuracy and securing the proper utility rate via a utility cost recovery system. The procedure includes:
– Finding billing errors and recovering overcharges
– Changing utility rates when applicable
– Communicating abnormal energy use on a monthly basis
– Recommending deregulated electric and natural gas suppliers
– Verifying deregulated electric and natural gas savings

In an effort to achieve the goal of Energy Star (National Efficiency Standards), this program also provides an annual utility report to review how your buildings performed compared to prior years, and compared to similar buildings within other districts.


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