META CrossCheck

CrossCheck is a data verification tool designed to allow schools to dig deeper into their EMIS data. The concentration is on EMIS data verification with an impact on funding, accountability, special education profiles, and overall data accuracy and completeness.

CrossCheck allows for the engagement of district staff beyond the EMIS Coordinator to EMIS data.

Helen Mills
CrossCheck Project Lead
740-389-4798 x12227

META Schools have been using CrossCheck since 2020.
Here’s what they have to say:

This is a game changer!

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CrossCheck is one of the best things META has ever done!

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I had no Level 1 errors but when I looked at CrossCheck, it uncovered issues I didn’t know I had!

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The enhanced FTE Detail report allows me to troubleshoot my student FTEs much more quickly since it includes school names and not just the IRNs.

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I send the special education CrossCheck reports to my Special Education Director. It helps us  understand how the data is used for EMIS reporting and what we need to look for.

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The merged CI/CK file is a great report to share with my treasurer’s department so they can see the data that is being reported to ODE.

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CrossCheck is absolutely the best and I love, love, love this Dashboard! Thank you!

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CrossCheck uses real time data

We connect to the Data Collector and pull the most recently prepared files.
No need to load files!

  • Reach out to your ITC to begin the process of setting up CrossCheck to your Data Collector. CrossCheck will always show the most recent version of EMIS reports. META will work directly with your ITC to support them through the implementation process.

Checks are beyond Level 1 Validations.

We have not recreated existing errors.

  • Data checks look for inaccurate or missing data
  • CrossCheck filters out invalid records from the Data Collector and displays data based on valid records
  • Users have the ability to review data and add notes
  • Make corrections in your SIS, collect new data, and CrossCheck will check against the new data


EMIS data at-a-glance for Superintendents and other admin staff

  • Contains data at both the district and building levels
  • Has the ability to drill down to student level data

Merged Files (aka Enhanced Reports)

Enhanced reports make data verification faster and easier by adding names to IRNs and definitions to specific code

  • Answer frequently asked questions like: “Who are we serving in gifted?”, “Is my Staff EMIS data up to date?”

The CrossCheck Development Team is always looking for new checks
and enhanced reports to add to CrossCheck. We have the ability to react
quickly and add checks when new reporting requirements are released.

In an effort to provide quality service to our districts, we would like to remind you of the numerous ways that our staff can be reached. If you have any questions, concerns, issues, etc. please contact us at any time; We’re here to help you! We want to make this process as seamless as possible, and thus we offer the following ways to get in contact with us.

META Districts

Submit a Ticket Via Email
please include ‘CrossCheck’ in the subject line

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Non-META Serviced Districts

Please contact your local ITC for support
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