Natural Gas

The META Natural Gas Program has become one of the most successful natural gas supply purchasing opportunities in the State.  Direct Energy Business was awarded the bid, and is providing 100% of the required supply for all schools in the program.  This program allows the member school districts and other purchasing entities to lock in forward fixed prices at historical lows through a hedging program, allowing price certainty for each participant.  The gas supply is also 100% firm, which allows the Districts to get billed for only the gas they consume.  More than 250 school districts and related education organizations are currently taking advantage of this program.  This approach has protected school district budgets and maximized savings. The current program will be expiring June 2020 and the new agreement will immediately follow for a three year term.

META, with its purchasing power and knowledge of the energy markets, is continually adding new members to this program.  The success is attributed to the efforts of the Consortium’s Energy Committee and our supply partner’s market intelligence staff.  The Energy Committee consists of several School Administrators who volunteer their valuable time and knowledge to help make this program very successful.  Our program is designed to take advantage of favorable market conditions, use a competitive procurement to evaluate all the Certified Retail Electricity Suppliers and give the Members the information they need to ensure that their Boards will be pleased with the outcome.

If you are interested and would like to hear the success stories, please call or email Tony VanGundy, META Energy Program Manager, at 614-934-6533 or

*To take advantage of this program, please contact an awarded vendor below.

Direct Energy

Sheila Porter

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