META CO-OP – Dairy

Dairy products have been competitively bid out and awarded to local vendors as part of the purchasing cooperative. This program provides our members with discounted pricing on dairy products, including milk (various flavors and nutritional values), sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and much more!

Check out META’s Food Services News Page for additional information.

*To take advantage of this program, please contact an awarded vendor below.


Reiter Dairy/Dean Foods

Dave Ferren

Merry Milk Maid

Leo Lackey

Prairie Farms

Rick Riley

Broughton Foods

Neil Schilling

Modern Foods, Inc.

Dicky Martin

SmithFoods, Inc.

Dennis Smith

United Dairy

Scott Burkhart
740-633-1451  cell 740-296-3503

Purchasing Co-op Pricing

K-12 Educational Entities:
Membership is now FREE!

Non K-12 Educational Entities:
Please call for pricing.

To join, please contact:

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