META’s hosted VoIP unified communication system is an enterprise grade Cisco™ VoIP system that brings the latest in IP telephony technologies and ease of management to your school or business.

With a hosted Cisco™ unified communication system, you are free from the worries that plague a typical phone system. Using VoIP services, you can eliminate the majority of your current PRI/POTS line expenses. All of the servers required for your system will be housed at META’s data center, where they are maintained by trained professionals and monitored around the clock.

The Cisco™ VoIP product line includes basic handsets all the way through attendant consoles and Bluetooth enabled wireless video phones. Every phone also comes with Jabber™, an application that runs on all PCs and mobile devices. Jabber™ allows you to answer and/or place calls anywhere in the world. Features also include IM, Visual VoiceMail, Video and Webex.

In addition, META offers a hosted IP Clock/PA system that ties in with the VoIP system to bring you a fully unified communications platform. We can integrate with most SIP based devices, so the possibilities are endless.


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